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Absolutely Kleen Carpet & Upholstery Specialist llc.
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Pet-Odor Elimination!
Absolutely Kleen Carpet & Upholstery Specialist llc. is the experts to call when your guests can tell that you have pets way before they see them. Urine smell from pets can ruin the most beautiful of homes. What makes dealing with that urine smell especially difficult is that after just a few weeks, the unsuspecting pet owner can become completely desensitized to the smell, not realizing how offensive it really is to visiting family and friends. Dog and/or cat urine is a combination of ammonia, bacteria, hormones, nitrogen and uric acid. It’s the uric acid that creates a lingering smell even after you’ve cleaned up after your dog. It can be especially potent when the air is humid. Since the canine sense of smell is hundreds of times more powerful than that of human beings, it’s important to remove all traces of urine odor. If you don’t, your dog is very likely to return to the same spot to do it all over again. That,s where we come in at! Absolutely Kleen Carpets & Upholstery Specialist llc. specializes in permanently removing and eliminating severe cases of nasty odors, directly at the source. Our pet-Odor elimination process is so effective that we offer this service with a 100% money-back Guarantee! Here's how we do it: (1) Using a special UV light, we inspect every inch of the suspected trouble areas until the source or sources of the odor are located. (2) The area is then treated with a specially formulated synergistic detergent blend of bacterial enzymes that breaks down protein based stains to eradicate its odor. (3) The area is then shampooed using our exclusive low-moister-extraction method. (5) And last but not least the once troubled area is then sanitized and deodorized.

Carpet & Upholstery Protection!

Absolutely Kleen Carpets & Upholstery Specialist llc. uses a unique process to protect your carpet & upholstery from future spots and stains. The carpet & upholstery protectors that we use offer deep penetrating protection and leaves an invisible coat or layer that repels stains and helps prevent discoloration caused by stains. It is applied using a pump sprayer after a carpet or fabric has been professionally cleaned. It can be used to treat new or used carpets! Our protectors will keep your carpet & upholstery looking cleaner longer and allows for easier clean-ups after accidental spills. And to top it all off, they can increase the overall lifespan of both your carpet & upholstery fabric!

Sanitized and Odor Free!
With the understanding that carpets are the second largest filter in the home followed by our fabric covered furniture, Absolutely Kleen Carpets & Upholstery Specialist llc. take the sanitation of our customers and clients carpet and Upholstery very seriously. Our sanitizer is an economical, very effective deodorizing product that leads to the complete elimination of nasty odor causing bacteria and microorganisms. While completely safe for both people & pets the 100% Eco-friendly product permanently eliminates deeply embedded odors from urine, feces, vomit, organic decomposition, mold/mildew, garbage and more! Serious odors originating from pet/human urine, sweat, mold, feces, and decaying organic material, can be extremely offensive and difficult to eliminate. Our highly effective sanitizing product works through a process of counteraction and absorption to safely, but effectively eliminate the mal odor. One of the qualities that makes our powerful sanitizer so unique is it's range of use. Using this one product we an safely sanitize your carpets, upholstery, mattresses and drapes. This saves us time which translates to saving you our wonderful customers and clients a great deal of money!                       

All DRYMASTER Solutions Are Kid & Pet friendly,

E.P.A safe, Non-toxic, and completely biodegradable

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Mattress Cleaning & Sanitizing

Dust-mites and other insects often times infest our bedding and mattresses. The powerful low moisture cleaning system that we use cleans the mattress and injects a special disinfectant into the mattress that kills these invaders and deodorizes the mattress at the same time! Our low-moisture mattress cleaning system is safe and ensures you and your family's health by disinfecting and killing unwanted insects and dust-mites which sometimes trigger allergies, skin rashes, and more. Get rid of your infestation with our Mattress Cleaning service and protect your families health today!

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning!
That once beautiful and formerly super comfortable arm-chair don't feel or look like it use to anymore? Does your porch furniture feel better than your living room furniture now? Well we understand what your experiencing and likewise have the perfect solution for your situation! Let Absolutely Kleen Carpet & Upholstery specialist llc. (using our unique leather cleaning & conditioning process), restore your once beautiful and super comfy leather furniture back to it's original luster & feel! Wow your friends, family, and guest with that fresh & sophisticated look and feel that only genuine leather can command. All while saving yourself a ton of cash in the process! Why replace my friend when you can call Absolutely Kleen today and replenish!   

Absolutely Kleen Carpet & Upholstery Specialist llc.
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