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Don't Rip Out That Carpet! Old Myth Exposed!

Deciding to rip out those burdensome useless carpets once and for all? Before you do, read why that may be one of the biggest home or business facility improvement mistakes that you will make in your life!

Okay so let's start by exposing four of the most common complaints and reasons why people decide to remove carpets from there home or place of business in the first place.

1. The belief that allergens are born in the carpets themselves.

2. Vacuuming and getting the carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year is tiresome and not worth the energy or the expense.

3. Maintaining hardwood floors and keeping them beautiful is easier and less expensive then caring for carpets.

4. Carpets are the biggest contributor to poor indoor are quality.

Wow they all sound like some very good reasons to get those carpets ripped up a.s.a.p doesn't it? Go ahead admit it, it actually sounds pretty frightening doesn't it? Well of course it does that's at least until you learn the truth that exposes these myths and partial truths for what they are.  

      OK, so did you know that (second to your homes heating and cooling filtration system) your carpets are the second largest filter in your home with your upholstered furniture being the third? If you've ever changed the filter in your your homes heating and cooling system you have no doubt witnessed just how effective your homes filtration system is at trapping dust mites, pet hairs & dander, dead skin cells, and more. Now when you change out or clean your home or work's HVAC system filter, "ripping out" the entire filtration system for the sake of a healthier home or work place never crosses your mind does it? In fact you probably experience a sense of gratitude for the unit's filtration system being there knowing that had it not been in place, all of those particles trapped in that filter would have settled themselves somewhere else in your home or work place. Or perhaps an even worse place like you and your family or employee's respiratory system. Now with that being said, as a result of gravity and the texture of the carpet fibers themselves, your carpet does an extraordinary job at capturing and holding onto these particles keeping them from circulating around your home or business until vacuuming day! Starting to make a lot of sense now isn't it? Here's a question for you; where do you think those particles go in a home or work place that has no carpet? If you guessed your home or work places' upholstered furniture & bedding (the third largest filter), draperies, counter tops, and floors, you've guessed right. Oh and let's not forget about the increased number of airborne particles that will be unintentionally breathed in by default. Or the air-borne particles that will prematurely saturate your homes HVAC system's filter causing them to have to be changed twice as many times per year. When you vacuum your carpets once or twice a week it is the equivalent of changing or cleaning the filter in your HVAC system. According to the American Medical Association about 99.9% of the debris that is trapped in the typical home or commercial building's heating and cooling filtration system is relatively harmless. However it is when these filters (HVAC, carpets, upholstered furniture, draperies, etc.) care and maintenance are severely neglected for long periods of time that the increased level of trapped debris may start to become an irritant to some. This threat of irritation (as far as your carpets are concerned) is easily avoided and/or practically eliminated by simply vacuuming on a regular basis  and having your carpets  professionally cleaned  at least once or twice a year. That's it. So in conclusion, now that you know that ripping out your carpets is not conducive to a healthy home or work place. But is actually counter intuitive towards a healthy indoor environment. Don't you agree that a routine vacuuming schedule accompanied by a  professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year, is a relatively small price to pay for something that simultaneously positively effects the beauty,  acoustics, and indoor air quality of any and all spaces in which it lies?  Of course you do.  And now that you are armed with this truth please do me a favor and pay it forward by sharing the knowledge that you've just gained in regards to the second largest filter in your home or business with everyone you know. Thank you!       

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