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Hello my friend in case you haven't already heard let me be the first one to tell you about a revolutionary carpet cleaning system that must be seen to be believed! As a discriminating homeowner I am sure you can appreciate the value of a home that is meticulously clean, bright and airy in appearance. A home you can be proud of! One that will get the admiring glances from visitors and lots of compliments! When someone enters your home, one of the first things they notice is your carpets. If they are dull and dingy it creates a negative impression. However if they are dazzling clean, bright, and plush looking, it reflects favorably on you.
How would you like to have carpets, so clean, so eye-catching, and so beautiful that people will instantly notice and comment on them? No, I'm not talking about replacing the carpets you have. I'm talking about restoring them to their original showroom appearance! You can, through this special offer with no financial risk!

Introducing The Revolutionary
DRYMASTER "Quick-Dry' Carpet Cleaning System!

Perhaps you now clean your own carpets or have them professionally cleaned. In either case I'd like to give you some compelling reasons why you should consider trying Absolutely Kleen Carpets & Upholstery Specialist and the revolutionary DRYMASTER, low-moisture,
dry-shampoo carpet cleaning system that we use.
DRYMASTER is the latest, most effective and efficient VLM carpet cleaning system going! It features a unique dirt extraction technology that cleans carpets more thoroughly with less moisture than any other cleaning method yet devised. In fact, it's the most exciting carpet cleaning breakthrough in 25 years!
The DRYMASTER's exclusive cleaning system uses a low-moisture liquid detergent called "dry-Shampoo!" It eliminates the risk of excessive moisture soaking through your carpet or upholstery to the underside to damage the pile or backing. There is absolutely no chance of shrinkage, dry-rot, browning, or mildew. With the carpet extractor, the super-fast spinning brush cleans all the way down to the base of the carpet. (Rotary brushes only clean surface dirt.) The DRYMASTER system uses a powerful vacuum system to suck up the dirty solution in a single pass as the dry-shampoo goes to work to deep clean the carpet and/or upholstery.

     Here Are The key Advantages That
The DRYMASTER Cleaning System That We Use
 Offers You Over Other Cleaning Methods:  

          DRYMASTER's exclusive Detergents Helps Prevent Re-Soiling.... so Your Carpets Stays Cleaner Longer. Did you know that about 98% of existing carpet cleaning systems leave a sticky residue in the fibers of the carpet after cleaning? This residue clings to fibers and attracts new dirt-much like a magnet. DRYMASTER's exclusive detergents leave your carpets & upholstery clean, sanitized, and residue free!   
      The DRYMASTER cleaning solutions are safe for humans, pets, and the environment! Other so-called "dry" methods contain dangerous, unsafe, toxic chemicals. The DRYMASTER solutions are widely used in hospitals and health care facilities.

       OK so Absolutely Kleen Carpets & Upholstery llc. are in essence the new kids on the block. Therefore, we are prepared to offer you our proven cleaning service at a dramatic savings! Our introductory prices are such incredible value, that we won't reveal them here on our website. That's to protect both you and us from unscrupulous competitors. However we will come to your home and offer an absolutely free no-obligation in-home estimate. It will not obligate you in any way and we won't pressure you, that's a promise! If you if you decide to hire our cleaning services and you are not satisfied with the results, you don't have to pay us. No questioning or quibbling. It's your call. Fair Enough? 
        Please give us a call at (803) 816-1052 to arrange a mutually convenient time to get your free estimate. Or simply click here! I think you'll be pleased and pleasantly surprised. As we extend this opportunity for you to become a new bonafide Absolutely Kleen Carpet & Upholstery Specialist client, you can be assured that we will go the "extra mile" to make sure your carpets & upholstery are the talk of the town!

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We never rush our work to get in collect a payment and get out. We believe that taking our time to clean with thoroughness and great care delivers the best results with the greatest amount of reward!

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 We absolutely do not "steam-clean" carpets!! 

And neither does the mass majority of the other carpet cleaners in the industry! 
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Note: We do not use 'truck-mounted' equipment not now, not ever! This means  that your neighbors wont be 'disturbed'  by the loud noise of our service equipment and we will not have to leave your entry door ajar while we conduct your cleaning services! 

Absolutely Kleen Carpet & Upholstery Specialist llc

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Please Note:  Absolutely Kleen will clean around your existing furniture. If you would like any areas under your existing furniture cleaned, please have the furniture pieces cleared from the areas to be cleaned prior to our arrival. 

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