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Hello there! Want to know more about a recent breakthrough in the carpet & upholstery cleaning technology industry that will undoubtedly benefit your company?

We absolutely do not "steam-clean" carpets!!
And neither does the mass majority of the other carpet cleaners in the industry!
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Dear business facilitator;

There has been a recent breakthrough in carpet cleaning technology that will benefit your business! It cleans your carpets better and faster than existing systems! And it will keep them cleaner longer, thus reducing your carpet cleaning and replacement costs! Whatever cleaning service you're now using, we are inviting you to take advantage of an opportunity to prove to yourself (or your team) that Absolutely Kleen Carpet & Upholstery Specialist llc. revolutionary "dirt extraction system" can do a superior job and save you money to boot!

Read on to continue learning about our extraordinary risk-free offer!

The low-moisture extraction system that we use at Absolutely Kleen Carpet & Upholstery Specialist llc. is advanced, unique, and very effective! It will 'deep-clean' your carpets and/or upholstery and leave them dry and ready to enjoy in hours not a day or days. This is not a mere boast or claim. If we fail to prove it., you don't pay! 

                        WHY WE BELIEVE OUR CLEANING SYSTEM 

                               IS SUPERIOR TO OTHER METHODS?

 Here are some advantages of "low-moisture dirt-extraction system" system 

    and why it outperforms other carpet cleaning methods on the market:


            Did you know that the majority of all carpet cleaning systems that exist today leave a sticky residue in carpet fibers after cleaning? This residue clings to the fibers and attracts new dirt - much like a magnet. Buyt not with our cleaning system! In fact it actually inhibits re-soiling leaving carpets CLEANER and BRIGHTER  for a much longer time! This saves your company money because (1) You will not have to have your carpets and/or upholstery cleaned so often: (2) Since cleaner carpets don't wear out as fast, you won't have to replace them as often either. 


            The exclusive low-moisture cleaning system that we use eliminates the risk of excessive moisture soaking through your carpet or upholstery to the underside to damage the pile or backing. There is absolutely no chance of shrinkage, dry-rot, browning, or mildew. With the carpet extractor, the super-fast spinning brush cleans all the way down to the base of the carpet. (Rotary brushes only clean surface dirt.) Our extractor uses a powerful vacuum system to suck up the dirty solution as the low-moisture shampoo goes to work to deep clean the carpet and/or upholstery!   

             Here's another major advantage that the our low-moister extraction cleaning system has over other existing carpet & upholstery cleaning methods; carpets and upholstery are dry and ready to enjoy in less than three hours on average! Our service won't interfere with your normal business hours!  


      The DRYMASTER cleaning solutions are safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Other so-called "dry" methods contain dangerous, unsafe, toxic chemicals. The DRYMASTER solutions are widely used in hospitals and health care facilities.

*** Here's Our No-Risk Offer ***    

      Up to now I have done all of the talking. Now I'd like our advanced cleaning system to do the talking. There's no better way to prove that our low-moister extraction cleaning system is absolutely the best cleaning system going than for you to try our no-risk offer!

       We will clean any one area of carpet or a fair amount of upholstery in your establishment. If your not satisfied with the results you don't have to pay us. That's right. If our method doesn't live up to the claims in this letter - if  you don't notice a difference in how your carpets and/or upholstery looks and dries - send us packing. It's your call. No quibbling. We will graciously thank you for our time together and be on our way.

      What can you possibly lose? Nothing my friend! Not one red cent! 

What can you gain? Clean carpet and/or upholstery at no cost! Think about it, we couldn't possibly make this kind of risk-free offer unless we were 100% sure we could back up our claims with real results.

       You be the judge! Give us a call at: (803)-816-1052. We'll come to your establishment and quote you a price for the carpet and/or upholstery cleaning services that you need. If acceptable, we'll schedule your job at your convenience. If you're satisfied with our work, you pay us. If you're not, you owe us nothing. 

Fair enough?

           Reggie Smith Jr.
           (Owner Operator)      

 Absolutely Kleen Carpet & Upholstery Specialist llc.    

We offer discounted commercial rates to all of our 

contracted commercial clientele!

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