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    If you're not satisfied with our results, 

You pay us nothing!

Ok so here's how it work:

         When we arrive at your home or place of business you can suggest that we start with what you believe to be the most challenging room or piece of furniture first. If this room or piece of furniture does not meet or exceed your expectations when we're done, you can send us packing and we will simply part our ways with you paying us absolutely nothing at all. 

        Likewise if you are completely satisfied with the job that we perform on that initial room or piece of furniture and we complete the entire job, our work is still guaranteed! If you discover an issue after we are done and bring it to our attention, we will respond to your concern as soon as possible and make every attempt that is within our means to make things right.  

And that's it folks! Pretty simple huh? No tricks! No Gimmicks!

So what do you stand to lose? Absolutely nothing my friend!

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